Saturday, March 28, 2015

Meeting With Vice President of German Parliament

Great meeting at Dinner with Ms. Claudia Roth(, Vice President of German Parliament with Lenin Raghuvanshi and Colin Gonsalves   at Lodhi Garden Restaurant . The conversation and the meeting with her was very important, informative and instructive for us. Thank you for that!

Photography by Mr.Ali Mahdjoubi, Head of the office of the Vice-Presindet Claudia Roth MP in the German Bundestag.

human rights

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Friday, March 27, 2015

L’inquiétude des minorités religieuses dans l’Inde de Narendra Modi

« Depuis l’arrivée de Narendra Modi, il existe un sentiment de peur au sein des minorités religieuses », estime Lenin Raghuvanshi, secrétaire général de People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR). « Nous ne sommes pas paniqués, mais inquiets », précise Samuel Jaykumar, du National Council of Churches in India.

Girl stands up to elders, refuses to marry ‘rapist’

"Rape survivors are generally encouraged by community elders (as well as police) to compromise with the family of the accused by dropping charges or marrying the accused. But, in this particular case the rape survivor refused and sent her 'would be husband' behind the bars. The girl has set an example for others," said human rights activist Lenin Raghuvanshi of People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR).

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Birth anniversary of Irom Sharmila observed with token hunger strike at Jantar Mantar

Lenin Raghuvanshi from PVCHR (Varanasi) said that it is unfortunate to see that how even after 15 years, government has done almost nothing, but we are hopeful in democracy and believe that our struggle will be listened one day.

India, un programma e qualche dubbio

Ma secondo Lenin Raghuvanshi, direttore del People’s Vigilance Committee for Human Rights (Pvchr), a farne le spese saranno le fasce più deboli. Il responsabile del Pvchr ha indicato ad AsiaNews alcuni dei principali tagli compiuti dal governo per stanziare il budget necessario al suo piano: -29% al bilancio per i bambini 2014/2015; -55% sul budget complessivo assegnato al ministero dello Sviluppo della donna e del bambino; -22% in piani sanitari per i bambini; -25% ai programmi educativi per i bambini. - See more at: