Friday, July 31, 2015

My 20 days in Germany

Before leaving to Germany on 4 May, I received an attack of defamation through the collective conspiracy of corrupt elements of police, administration and civil society. Civil society in a democratic state is generally defined as the space filled by non-governmental organisations and institutions that represent citizens' interest and the public will, and which are independent from the state. Hegel, the philosopher of the modern state, considered that civil society, with all its differences, made the nation state more efficient. But the elite section of Indian society, in nexus with corrupt police and administrators, want to maintain status quo of mind, of caste and patriarchy. So, they always desire to silence the voice of dissent, by hook or crook. Many times, they collaborate with international players who think in the same way of manipulation of power grabbing.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Global meeting on testimony at Oxford

--------without justice, peace promotes culture of silence with impunity. The main learning of all three papers was that elimination of masculinity through participation and empowerment of women in reconciliation process is main the instrument to achieve sustainable peace against war.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Way of Struggle: Lenin Raghuvanshi

Way of struggle: Lenin Raghuvanshi

Raghuvanshi Lenin
is the Lenin of his motherland
his nerves squirming with pain of injustice
his voice rising in passion for social justice

As Buddha suffered from pain
from his enclave
who found the path of freedom from pain
in the social code of conduct of spirituality

Raghuvanshi Lenin has seen and known
the reason of grief from depth
in the contemporary contexts
the nation and powerful energies
are more blameworthy than human being

The claw of exploitation
tightens continuously
the nerves of throat and wisdom
the silent roots of malpractice
are silent against oppression and injustice
(one has to work like ‘Chanakya’ to uproot them)
as an intellectual worker like a modern Buddha
not leaving behind wife (Shruti) and son (Kabir)
but taking them along, so that they also feel
the wounds of society
the pain of people

living in the society
they can treat and cure
and give some first-aid
and feel Lenin’s pain and outcry
they should do positive revolt
like the two hands of Lenin - left and right
and fulfil the role as part of family
not just as Lenin’s family
but also as people’s family
like the parts of the body
and can sacrifice the comforts
attachment towards luxuries
for the sake of global human being
for the interest of entire humanity

Raghuvanshi Lenin is the Lenin of India
related to the King’s lineage
associating with it, being with it
in the contemporary times
digging out paths for the people
from deep inside the system
He names his child as ‘Kabir Karunik’
to make him walk through the life’s tough workshop
and see the secret source of Lenin’s speech
the tragic sorrow caused by discrimination
and experience the meaning of being ‘Kabri’
as his father Lenin
knows the meaning of his name
in Indian contexts

He knows and wants to show
that the lineage of all the people,
the lineage of ‘Shri Ram’
can be cultivated
not by chanting the name of ‘Ram’
but by following the path of ‘Ram’ - public service
in the true sense, including king’s lineage

along with Buddha,
along with Kabir,
along with Lenin
and the people of the universe
in the form of entire Humankind 

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Professor Dr. Pushpita Awasthi