Friday, June 27, 2014

In India, a pervasive paranoia blocks progress on human rights

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Indigenous knowledge and logical thinking

Indigenous knowledge and logical thinking are both important factors for humanity and humane relationship. Logical thinking without indigenous knowledge is like a way to materialistic machine without human touch and feeling. Indigenous knowledge without logical thinking is way to go subjective thinking of many discriminatory attitudes.  But Indigenous knowledge and logical thinking jointly are going to save world based on dignity, pluralism, justice, diversity, rule of law, humane sensibility, biodiversity, sustainable peace and ‘pro-humane & pro-environment market’.     

Human rights are the base of everything we do

H.E. Harald V,King of Norway rightly says, In a globalized world, where we all are interdependent, we need each other in our common struggle for lasting peace based on justice and dignity of all. Let us never forget that it is after all easier to wage war than to make peace. As our great explorer Fridtjof Nansen once said: “We do not get war unless people want it themselves. War is not an effect of a natural catastrophe. It is a result of man’s will. It is their own shame.” He further emphasized, Today’s human rights dialogue focuses on what makes us human. It is one of the most important topics in the world. Human rights are the base of everything we do.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sonbhadra and nexalism

Call for Neo Dalit Movement

After that, I will take time to propose a way to change this situation by calling for the creation of a "neo-Dalit" movement – combining shudras and anti-shudras from all regions. I will also try to explain why this popular movement seems to be the best way to remove this "culture of impunity" and how opinion leaders from all communities have a great role to play on this major gathering.

I would add that I am writing this article because I believe that many problems that India faces today are linked together and therefore cannot be separated, both in understanding and resolution. For that reason, I believe that the most effective way to resolve them is to address the problem in a comprehensive approach that takes into account the political, economic and sociological and seeks solutions which take care of those different "linked problems", based on a popular movement.