Friday, September 9, 2011

Strenuous struggle against the exploitation and inequality of marginalized communities

Historically, Varanasi has always been a place of striking adversities and contradictions. On the one hand, for centuries, it has been one of the most important centers of Hindu culture and civilization which in due course of time turned into the worst kind of reactionary form for the large section of the society, but at the same time Varanasi has also been a battleground for its opposite progressive forces. In 6th BC, Buddha started his struggle from Varanasi against the caste based social structure of hindus which was the main reason for the inequality and exploitation of the large population of Indian society. In later ages Kabir, Raidas and other social and religious reformers followed the tradition of Buddha and challenged the unequal and exploitative structure of hindus based on patriarchal and caste based discriminitations.


Despite of long struggles and innumerous sacrifices and sufferings of millions even today the exploitative caste system is still causing miseries and has been the prime source of all sorts of inhuman treatments of lower caste of the Indian society. In such a situation, almost 37 years ago, Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi born in  an upper caste family in Varanasi. During his study he experienced the vulnerable situation of depressed communities of the society and became impatient to fight it out and decided to hit it hard. After completing his study with distinction as a Physician, he followed the tradition of the greatest Buddha to bring about the human change on the face of the Indian society and refused to live a comfortable life. For last more than 15 years he has been waging a war against the caste system in the area of eastern Uttar Pradesh and going through strenuous struggle against the exploitation and inequality of marginalized communities.


Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi shares his experiences and often says "Buddha was the greatest human the human civilization has ever been produced in the whole history of humankind. Today, even a man of highest rank of imagination can not imagine the social and religious changes he brought about in the whole Asia. He was undoubtedly the first man who introduced humanity in its true sense. Further he asks the question, what was the reason behind the greatness of Buddha? And he himself gives the answer. According to him "People says that he was a genius man. There might be little doubt that he was a man of great intellect and a man of logic but it was not the real reason of his greatness. "Actually", as further he clarifies, "his boldness, his courage and conviction to stand firm in any adverse condition made him great and brought about great changes on the face of Indian society"


Mr. Lenin, inspired by the struggle of Buddha, Kabir, Raidas, Jyoti Ba Phule and Dr. Ambedkar, has continued his work even on the cost of his life. Several times he was threatened to his life, faced obstructions and physically and verbally assaulted but he always stood resolute against the all sorts of adversities' and has been successful   to attract the attention of the common people as well as media persons at a great extent.