Thursday, March 31, 2016

‘Deliberate attempt to deprive minority and underprivileged children of schooling ’

‘Deliberate attempt to deprive minority and underprivileged children of schooling ’: By Abdul Bari Masoud, MM, New Delhi: Despite passing of the Right to Education Act in 2009,  the objective of universal right to education for children remains a distant dream as India has the larg...

Lenin Raghuvanshi on controversy surrounding JNU, Hyderabad University

Civil society concerned at poor implementation of RTE Act

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hundreds march in Delhi against police crackdown on Hyderabad varsity students

Eminent social activist Lenin Raghuvanshi Lenin, who is general secretary of Manvadhikar Jannigrani Samiti, said, "This government is trying to run the country on the basis of RSS which was formed on the basis of Manusmriti in 1925 rather than the constitution. The freedom which we snatched from the British is being seized from us by those who had allied with the British. The universities are being attacked because they are the centre of that freedom".

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Delhi: activists and intellectuals slam environmentally unfriendly Hindu festival

The PVCHR director has no kind words for the controversial guru. In the past, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar championed the "privatisation of all government schools", thus promoting the Hindu caste-based structure, which would deny Dalits and tribals their right to an education.

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Delhi: attivisti e intellettuali contro il festival filo-indù, che provoca danni all’ambiente

Organizzato dal santone Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, il World Culture Festival celebra i 35 anni di vita della fondazione Art of Living. L’evento si tiene sulle rive del fiume sacro Yamuna e ha originato forti polemiche. Lenin Raghuvanshi: evento di carattere religioso filo-estremista. Ram Puniyani: inaccettabili violazioni all’ambiente e alle leggi. 

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