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Uttar Preadesh: Self suffering Story of a survivor of police torture

Uttar Preadesh: Self suffering Story of a survivor of police torture

Shruti Nagvanshi/Anand Prakash 14/6/2008 4:13:10 PM(IST)

My name is Satendra Yadav. I am resident of village Bhalehata in Chandauli district in Uttar Preadesh. At present I am living with my three brothers and old parent. My brother died. I and my elder brother are taking care of my deceased brother family. I own a small shop and small piece of land.

I cannot forget 28th July, 2007 on that day worst incidence happened in my life at 5:15 pm. As it was our festival Rakshabandhan and my sister fasten thread on my hand. I recall this incidence every year in Rakshabandhan and I cannot forget this incidence in my life. Sub – Inspector with one police constable came on motorbike and asked me for the house of Mr. Sanjay Sonkar. I indicate Mr. Sanjay Sonkar house with my finger. Meanwhile S.I entered in my shop and start abusing me by using filthy word. He holds my collar and pushes me on the road. When I asked what is my fault he again start abusing and said “are you a respected person you cannot come closer and answer me? You under estimate me this is a manner to answer Sub – Inspector.

Women customer who were buying sweet at my shop were afraid and went aside. Other people who know me tried to hide themselves. S.I ordered Babban Constable to give me stick. Police Constable feared with the anger of S.I and he denied for stick. S.I starts abusing Mr. Babban Yadav that you are doing caste identification here.

After hearing this word from senior police constable Mr. Babban Yadav gave stick and went aside. When S.I got stick he brutally starts beating and also abused him by using filthy word. At that time I feel very bad. Several times I ask about my fault. He took me to police station with bicycle and meanwhile village head came and tried to stop S.I but he was not listening and continuously arguing this is a matter of my respect and dignity.

S.I did not take me from straight way as it take 15 minute from my house to the police station but it take 10 minute extra. In a way S.I ask for money and in response he will leave me. Again and again I was asking what my fault is. I beg for my life but S.I did not listen and threat me to involve in fake case of drug (Ganza & Bhang) otherwise manage some money to save yourself. I said I did not have enough money. S.I. said he even can do my encounter I was very much terrorized and I feel very helpless that I cannot save my life. I saw revolver in S.I hand and after looking I recall several encounter cases happened in my village. I feel death in front of me.

I heard from other people that this S.I keep naked revolver with himself and beat openly any person he finds. Again I was brutally beaten in police station but this was more painful for me. I was begging and struggling for my life. I said you are my parent please forgive me. I was begging and S.I was continuously beating and several times I tried to stop stick with my hand and which result fracture in my finger. Print of 46 stick was on my back and till today I have problem in folding my hand. My body swell and policeman bruise my genital organ with shoes and I get relief after long treatment. S.I stands with shoes on my chest and still I have pain with all these atrocities. Villagers near police station were watching the entire incidence but nobody dared to stop S.I for his brutal behavior and ask S.I why he is beating as police have not right to do torture. I feel very bad when police beat me. They continuously beat until I become faint. When I open my eyes I saw I am in prison and police constable were splattering water on my face. I stopped police constable and rudely answered asked first you people give injury then you are putting ointment. Please release me.

Police constable tried to fasten thread on my hand which was fallen down while beating me. I said you are not my sister that you are fastening thread on my hand. S.O humbly asked what happen my son I did not answer anything and I sat on the ground. S.O called me inside and they put me in the lockup. Meanwhile MLA make telephonic conversation in my favour but it was not effective as MLA was from Samajwadi party (S.P) and State was governed by Bahujan Samaj Wadi party (B.S.P).

Village head with few villagers came to police station and after long interaction and seeking pressure of regional people. I was released approximately at 7:30 pm. I was very much shock and I did not tried to read and I sign on the paper.

Next day villager head and lots of people gathered with tractor and marshal in front of district Government Head Quarter Chanduli district. Written incidence complained was given to D.M and S.S.P Chandauli both of them assured for further action. I get medico treatment in Kamlapati Government hospital. When I returned I did not inform my family members because they will get more worried. I left my paternal house and start living with my wife in her house.

Today when I remember this incidence I feel very pity from inside still I have fear with Sub Inspector.

Once in a week I go to visit Mundeshwari Devi temple which is situated in the border of Dharauli village. Sub Inspector is transferred in same area. I change my way and travel 20 km more with bicycle. Today also I have fear with sub – inspector he may again beat or encounter me in the border of Bihar border. Due to this I am living my life in fear. Today when I remember the incidence my eyes get wet. When I returned home I heard S.I was suspend and many other villager appreciate for doing so. S.I. aggressively behaves and is much influenced person. S.I repeats this incidence with many people and they were also feeling very bad. Except upper caste people it is his routine to torture lower caste people. I will not forget this incidence after my death. Women of the villages communicate after looking me “this person is beaten by the police”. I am shopkeeper and I did not open shop from day of incidence as lots of people are coming to my shop and I cannot concentrate on my work. Still I have pain in my body. I was not physically weak than S.I succeed me in beating as S.I was in uniform.

70 year old my father came out to search me. I recognize change in my life when I participate in people’s tribunal which was organized by PVCHR on 28th April, 2008. I understood I am not alone and like me other people are being tortured by the police. Before that I was very much depressed and was living my life in tension. Now I am feeling very much relax. I want S.I should be punished and this should not happen with other people.

Translated by Ms. Shabana Khan

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