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Uttar Pradesh: Police and rule of law


Uttar Pradesh: Ploice and rule of law

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi 15/8/2008 8:29:06 PM(IST)

Ram Murat Tiwari is resident of village Khutawli under jurisdiction Tahabarpur in Azamgarh District of Uttar Pradesh. On 4th August, 2008 approximately at 5 pm in the evening Ram Murat was returning from the market with his bicycle. In the way he was stopped by Rajni Kant, Phul Badan, Vinod Maurya and Ram Palat. They beat and forcefully kidnapped Ram Murat by car.

Ram Murat neighbor Mr. Shanker Dev Tiwari daughter of Madhu and Puja has illegal relation with Rajni Kant alias Pintu. Rajni Kant is owner of brick kiln factory and he is resident of Sherpur under jurisdiction Nizamabad in Azamgarh district. Few days before Ram Murat saw Madhu and Rajni Kant in privacy. Ram Murat informed same to Shanker Dev Tiwari so he may save his self-esteem in the society. Shanker Dev Tiwari informed to his son Satya Prakash and Rajni Kant.

Yes it the personal matter. However it is important how the person matter took the life of Ram Murat. Here it is to point out is police is following the rule of law? but here condition is entirely opposite. Police is giving respect to the alleged and victim family is living their life in fear.

Ram Murat son Mr. Prem Narayen Tiwari get information about kidnapping of his father and he immediately rushes to Tahabarpur police station. However no FIR was lodge in the police station considering his application. Hence, he was yelled by the Station officer Mr. Jalil Ahamed. He also threat to charge Prem Nayaren in fake case and spoil his entire life behind the prison. Owing to the fear of police Prem Narayen return back to his home.

Prem Narayen gets information while returning to his house that his father is kept in brick klin factory of Rajni Kant in Shekwaliya village under jurisdiction Nizamabad of same district. Ram Murat was brutally beaten by the Rajni Kant and his group members. Guard of Shekwaliya police station Mr. Mahendra Yadav (Mahendra Yadav is the guard of Shekhwaliya police station) after hearing the voice of Ram Murat immediately went to Rajni Kant factory and tried to save his life. Where he was threaten by alleged by showing revolver. Rajni Kant, Phul Badan,Vinod Maurya and Ram Palat Due to fear of being killed Mahendra Yadav immediately ran to Tahabarpur police station and informed entire self suffering to Station Officer Mr. Jalil Ahamed. After getting information then also police of Tahabarpur did not take any action to save the life of Ram Murat.

On 5th August, 2008 again Prem Nayaren with villagers went to police station this time FIR was lodge the crime no is 279/08, under section 364, IPC after tracing the dead body of Ram Murat section 302 and 201 is added. However according to the will of the station officer. On same day villagers traced Phul Badan and they successfully caught and hand over him to police officer. Instead of interrogating with Phul Chand police was respect him in police station.

On 6th August, 2008, agitated villagers protest in front of police station and on the order of station officer, police did lathi charge on mob, which result severe injury too many villagers. The villagers were charged under criminal cases. (Police arrest Durgesh Sonkar, Satish Rai and Harish Chandra Sonkar. Still they are in police custody including them eight people and other 100 unknown villagers. The sections of FIR were - 147, 148, 341, 186, 504, 506, 435 and 336 of Indian Panel code and 7 Criminal Law Amendment Act,

Superintendent of Police Mr. Vijay Garg went to Tahabarpur police station after getting information about kidnapping and murder of Prem Narayen father. He strictly interrogates with the alleged Phul Badan and he accepts that Mr. Ram Murat is being kidnapped and murdered by them. Police of Tahabarpur also became active and start searching the dead body of Ram Murat. Dead body was traced near the Tamsa river bridge.

On 7th August, 2008 Circle Officer of Police department Budhanpur and SHO Ahiraula came to Prem Narayen house and forcefully took his signature on the paper that he is satisfied with the investigation of Tahabarpur police station. After FIR no action was taken by the police against the alleged and they are continuously giving threat to Prem Narayen and his family member, that they will kill them like his father.

On 13th August, 2008 letter was sent to National Human Rights Commission New Delhi for the action against the alleged.

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