Thursday, April 2, 2009

Varanasi silk industries need to be listed in world heritage

Varanasi silk industries need to be listed in world heritage

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi 2/4/2009 5:31:40 PM(IST)

Silk industry of Varanasi is considered to be a traditional art, life, culture and indigenous business. Varanasi silk work is the identity of Varanasi. It should be protected and preserved at any cost. It should be included in list of world heritage.

The people who adopted this occupation from their fore-parent, they not only carry this occupation for their livelihood but also carry this tradition and living culture with Great Spirit. They are expert on this art.

They can weave complicated design over their looms which are beyond imagination. However due to market crisis the silk industries are declining and the condition of weavers are deteriorating day by day. Now they are standing at the edge of deterioration and this traditional art is endanger.

We support the modern democratic capitalist mode of production, but this traditional industry should be assimilated with modern product so that it may survive and compete in market on the values of equity, justice and fraternity.

This battle is not for wealth or power, this battle is for survival of indigenous wisdom named as Varanasi silk industries against china dragon. It is the battle of reclamation of tradition, art, and culture. The products of china are sold at cheaper rate as their production cost is low and they receive exemption in import. A person of ordinary prudence can not differentiate these products from indigenous product. All these vanishes traditional industries.

Varanasi is one of the most ancient cities and weaving is an ancient art. Varanasi is very famous for silk sarees. So this is the time when the efforts should be made to protect this famous art and culture. To preserve this industry, effort should be made at every level. The people who are doing this occupation should be encouraged. The government should provide every support along with financial assistance to the weavers.

They should be provided raw material and other accommodation to continue their occupation. The open market should be provided and minimum price should be fixed by government, so that the weavers can not be compelled to sell their product at extreme low rate. Legislation should pass the law to protect this industry. The product of silk should get patent on the basis of geographical region.

This industry needs to be survived so instead of promoting Chinese product the government should make an arrangement to promote indigenous product. Apart from that to promote the silk product at international level the exemption should be provided in export.

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Thank you so much for this article. I am a 21 year old student in Colorado. Next year I plan to visit India and study the process of making silk. I am very interested in visiting Varanasi, to study silk's importance in its culture. Could you please give me some contacts or anyone you know working with silk in Varanasi, or anywhere in India. I would be very interested in coming to visit and learning from the artists.
Any contact information would be very helpful.

Thank You