Monday, September 9, 2013

Sharing thought

Benaras,I love you. I love very few people in world.Five friends with one my very closest friend, few places and my family of life partner,son,parents and my grand mother. But I love Benaras. Now-a days, fanaticism, caste based mind set with patriarchy are making me a person that I loved Benaras in past. I am fighting myself ,because Benaras is my destiny,but anti women mind set and game plan for mind of caste are making me that Brahminical and anti-women Benaras are enemy of India and pluralistic India. I want to fight with this. My promise to composite culture of pluralistic democracy that I am fearless person to fight against criminal in police and administration. But I need break, want to go my childhood place Mumbai. After need to go Mumbai alone to search myself for next step of big fight.Thanks Akanksha Pandey for sharing the song,which is I am listening:

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