Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vote for Shruti Nagvanshi

Request you to please vote for 'Shruti Nagvanshi' for ‪#‎100Women‬. It is very easy, click on the link given below and then click on the 'Access to Justice and Protecting women for their Rights'. You will find a Shrutiji's Name and Picture on the right side of the screen. Please click on the vote button below.
A little brief about Shruti Nagvanshi:
Shruti has been an icon for rising of marginalized and rural women in India. She has been relentlessly working for over two decades for the rights of women in remotest parts of India. She has been an unsung hero for upbringing the lives of innumerable women from the Dalit community.
Probably it is our turn to return her due towards the society by voting for her, that's the least we can do. ‪#‎Vote4Shruti‬ 

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