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Rule of colonial and feudal police in Uttar Pradesh
Rule of colonial and feudal police in Uttar Pradesh

Dr.Lenin/Shabana Khan 21/11/2008 7:44:22 PM(IST)

On 125 birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi India Government signed on UN CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE AND OTHER CRUEL, INHUMAN OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT (UNCAT), but worst work yet to be ratified. The Police Laws are not yet reformed still they are following laws which were implemented last 125 years i.e. during British reign. Owing to this continuously police is doing torture which is threat to rule of law and democracy. Like this a tear –jerking story of police torture is highlighted by PVCHR through the YouTube and blogs.

PVCHR came to know about Dr. Amar Deep Gupta and did testimony with the joint endeavor of Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victim (RCT), Denmark for providing psychological support and un-censoring his voice for political campaign against torture. After looking video footage of police torture the brutal face of police in Uttar Pradesh same as a old age colonial form of police system. If you want to establish rule of law and democracy we have to make police system democratic, pro-people and scientific.

PVCHR also send petition to Director General of Police, Lucknow, National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, and United Nation Urgent action, Asian Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. In wee SP/AD of UPPCC replied Thank you for writing to us. Your complaint has been send to IG complaint cell of DGP UP at 1 Tilak Marg Lucknow for further action. Your are requested to wait for reply or contact IG Complaint cell directly at control room tel no 0522-2208596. Your interaction is extremely valuable to us.
Dr. Amar Deep Gupta is permanent resident of S 11/24 in Chowkaghat under jurisdiction Jaitpura in Varanasi district. Dr. Amar Deep was happily living with his joint family in his ancestral house. Dr. Amar Deep opens “Deep clinics” in one part of the house S 11/23 in chowkaghat since long time.

One day afternoon anti encroachment expedition came and start demolishing Dr. Amar Deep’s clininc with out giving any prior information, in which medicine and surgical instrument of lakhs Rupees were buried in the ground. Dr. Amar Deep Gupta advocate Ratan Deep Gupta shows all original supportive documents which prove it as his own ancestral property.

When Dr. Amar Deep was showing paper to Circle Officer Chetganj Mr. Ashok Kumar Verma then some anti element throw stone and C.O gets injury on his face in reactionary work Station officer, C.O, city magistrate and other policeman present at that time brutally beat Dr. Amar deep Gupta and Ratan Deep Gupta with stick and butt of the gun until both of them faint. Policeman arrest both Dr. Amar Deep and Ratan Gupta.

After of the incidence wife of Dr. Amar Deep (Ms. Mamta) and Ratan Deep Gupta (Ms. Shikha) went to Jaitpura police station to know about their husband. Station in charge Hari Ram Maurya and other police officer start abusing both Mamta and Shikha with filthy word. Police officer yelled and tried to terrorize them by swinging stick. Mamta and Shikha through media came to know that Dr. Amardeep and Ratan Deep are kept in Jaitpura police station.

According to Mamta and Shikha Dr. Amar Deep Gupta was faint and Ratan Deep Gupta right leg was fractured and he was drenched with blood. Approximately at 1:30 pm Ratan Deep Gupta condition become critical due to bleeding and he was admitted to District hospital in Varanasi in police custody. Amar Deep Gupta also becomes serious and he was also admitted to District hospital at 9 pm in the night. Dr. Amar Deep Gupta and his brother were beaten by police and inspite of this there were charged under fake case under section 147/325/332/333/352/353/504/506 of Indian Penal code and cr. L A .Act by police officer.

Political will and the people’s courage are very important for fighting back the torture and it is a real example of that. One person did recording of entire atrocities with his mobile phone and inform to PVCHR.

Before taking testimony Dr. Amar Deep Gupta was in phobia and fear with the police and he has feeling of Shame. However after testimony Dr. Amar Deep is agree to fight back against the atrocities done by the police. Otherwise case of him under carpet as his own private pain.

As election is coming and we, the people will make pressure on political party for the ratification of UNCAT and also for the reform in police law according the recommondation of police commission.

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