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Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: A minor girl sacrifices her life due to negligance of administration

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: A minor girl sacrifices her life due to negligance of administration

manoj kumar pandey 10/11/2008 12:02:22 PM(IST)

Varanasi: On 6th November, 2008 Namita died from diseases that affected her due to acute starvation. Due to death of Namita Pal her parents, sisters and brother were immersed in great sorrow. That time instead of showing sympathy, the police authority was trying to snatch the dead corpus of Namita Pal, as they wanted to dispose it off. When her family member denied to hand over the dead corpus to police, the police started to beat her father and mother. The police also pushed her minor brother. The authorities conducted an autopsy on her dead body and later disposed the body off in the River Ganges, without handing it over to the family.

However the PVCHR is informed that the autopsy report reveals that Namita died from acute pneumonia, anaemia and malnutrition. On 7th November, 2008, at 6:00 pm, PVCHR along with other human right organization had conducted a candle-light protest and pay their tribute to this small martyr before Ambedakar Statue at Kuchary in Varanasi. The worker of the different organization expressed their views and said that the death of Namita Pal was very shameful for administration as she was earlier detected as malnourishment of 4th grade and it came to the knowledge of administration. The police is making fearful to the person who silently putting his demand through administration. With this the police are directly violating the right of freedom and speech guaranteed to citizen in the article 19 of Indian Constitution along with administration the national human right commission is not able to protect the rights to live with dignity of a person. The core group member of PVCHR Ms Shruti Nagvanshi exclaimed with sorrow that in spite of all efforts we could not save this child. It is directly violation of right to live with dignity. The state government should act immediately.

In the meanwhile, it is also reported that the administration is in a hurry measuring the land the family was claiming so far and has already taken steps to allot the land to the family. However the land is allotted to the struggler Doodh Nath Pal for residence and one lakh rupees (Rs 100000/ ) has been given to him from the chief minister of UP. If this assistance would be provided earlier, life of that innocent could be saved. The administration realized its duty immediately after the death of that poor and innocent child.

However Asian Human Right Commission (AHRC) issued an urgent appeal on the application made by PVCHR which can be visited at

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NutanThakur said...

This is an eye-opener to many people around the world that there are still people in free India who are dying out of hunger.
We must feel ashamed of ourselves.

Dr Nutan Thakur,