Sunday, December 7, 2008

Being innocent I was tortured by the UP police

Being innocent I was tortured by the UP police

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi/Karmanaya 6/12/2008 10:18:14 PM(IST)

My name is Dr. Amardeep. I am an inhabitant of Chaukaghat under jurisdiction Jaitpura police station in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. Professionally I am doctor. I own a clinic in Chaukaghat known as Deep Clinic, where I do my practice.

Very awful incidence has been started from 28th December, 07 in my life. With out any prior information anti encroachment team start demolishing few part of my clinic, in which all surgical equipment i.e. medicine, furniture and other commodities were masked and destroyed.

Again on 29th December I went to meet officer, however I was unable to meet him and I return back to my home. I saw they were demolishing remaining part of my clinic, and then I start showing paper to the officer that time it was approximately 11 a.m. Four- five officers of P.W.D, many officer from police department, Magistrate and approximately 30 -40 police constables were in that team. When I tried to show the paper of my land and house then police officer denies. He ordered police officer to take me with paper of house to police station. Approximately 15- 20 police constable including S.O of Jaitpura police station hold my hand and one police constable hold collar of my shirt and they beat me with lathi (stick), from my clinic to Pani Tanki (Water tank “Area known by this name). After that Circle Officer (C.O) came and ordered police constable to beat him brutally, “owing to him I was injured.” May be that was the reaction of mob, as they were watching me when I was continuously beaten. Mean while police did lathi charge. When police was beating me that time I felt any how to save my life. Police were abusing me by using filthy word. After getting order from C.O they brutally start beating me with stick, puch – slap, shoes and butt of riffle. C.O beat me with stick.

My younger brother was also there, then Chowki in charge said he is lawyer arrest him otherwise he will create problems. So, police start beating my brother. They beat with stick and butt of riffle which result fracture in my brother’s leg. That time I was unable to think any thing. Due to the continuous beating both of us became faint. When we were faint police took both of us in tempo. When I become conscious I found myself in Jaitpura police station. Lots of blood was coming from my brother leg. Paint and hanky was drenched with blood. I was feeling dizziness then also police officer ordered me to clean blood. Due to fear any how I clean blood with my hand. Police officers provide water for cleaning the blood but not for drinking. Some police constables abuse me by using filthy word but other stopped them for doing so. In police station they provide tea but no water to drink.

When my sister who is lecturer in Ayurvedic College and my wife and my brother’s wife receive information about this incidence, they immediately enquire about us near Pani Tanki. Police was brandish lathi towards them and also abuse them by using filthy word. After that they receive information from any journalist that we are detained in Jaitpura police station. Firstly in police station they were not allowed to meet us, but after pleading they were allowed them. In police station my younger brother physical condition starts deteriorating due to continuous bleeding for more than one hour. Then he was admitted in Kabir Chaura hospital.

When some of my friends from the doctors unions and other few known people came to meet me, so after looking my condition they negotiated with officer about my treatment. In night they took me to hospital with the ambulance. After medical diagnosis doctor prepare my medico – legal. My condition starts revitalizing after admitting in hospital for few days due to continuously glucose drip for 6 – 7 days. After returning from hospital, I got treatment in private hospital as fracture occurs in my leg. For three month I was in my house due to lack of physical fitness.

I cannot sleep in the night, I only think Police implicate me in fake case and I am afraiding that the police may not implicate me in more fake case. I have been selected for Ayurvedic medical officer through Public Service Commission. I am very much worried that due to implication in false case I may loose my job. I want to live my remaining life with peace. I want that I may be released from this fake case. Being innocent I was tortured by the police and they implicate me in fake case. No case is filed in court against the perpetrator and we want justice.

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