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Human Rights: Myths or Reality


Human Rights: Myths or Reality

Manoj Kumar Pandey/Shruti Nagvanshi 16/12/2008 10:54:59 AM(IST)

This year on 10th December United Nation is celebrated 60th anniversary of human rights day. On the occasion many world level organization and noble persons have conveyed their massages to the world. Their main objectives are that people live in peaceful live which ensures the human rights and dignity of every individual.

On the occasion the Laureates of the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights Award who are Xanana Gusmao(2001), Basil Fernando(2003), Dandeniya Gamage Jayanthi(2004), Aan San Suu Kyi(2004), Wardah Hafidz(2005), Malalai Joya(2006), Angkhana Neelapha(2006), Irom Chaun Sharmila(2007), Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi(2007), Muneer A Malik(2008) have conveyed their massages to the world. They recognize the relevance of human rights in present scenario and said that though the human rights had been declared 60 years ago but still people are not enjoying their full human rights due to lack of political will. They also advocated the importance of enforcement of human rights to prevent further tyrannies and bloodshed. They also appeal to the government of states to recommit themselves in realizing the vision of the declaration. They also asked for stronger solidarity among civil society groups and leaders both local and international to protect the freedom and rights of all people especially the marginalized sectors in the society.

The massage from Laureates of the Gwangju Prize can be seen on:


On the occasion one Gwangju Laureate Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi of PVCHR (India) had expressed his opinion by saying that in spite of declaration there is lots of exploitation and attack on the Dalit women, domestic violence, killing of girl-children in the fetus. He also said that children are the soft target of exploitation. The position of girl children is worse and they are provided less opportunity of education and they are being engaged in domestic work. He also emphasized on the child sexual abuse, rapes, assault on them. There’s lot of discrimination in the family, society, school and the workplace. His opinion can be heard on

However where on one hand human rights are advocated at international level through many international institutions but the value of human rights is degrading day by day. In India many events of death due to starvation is occurring. The events of police torture are increasing. But there is no held in check for theses activities. The recent case of police torture is the torture of Dr Amar Deep Gupta in Varanasi by UP Police. The testimony of Dr Amar Deep Gupta and his vedio clips can be seen on



This testimony and video clipping state the brutal storey of police. The enquiry report of SSP Varanasi states that Addl SP Rajeev Malhotra conducted an enquiry take statements of all concerned officials along with Magistrates, CO, SO and complainant. During enquiry it comes to light that on the fateful day anti encroachments drive was on. The persons have given ample time to collect all the material of clinic. The drive was on the orders of High court under a writ. The persons there created ruckus and pelted stones towards police in which CO was badly hurt. After this Doctor and others arrested. Police in order to control mob took action in which few persons get hurt. CO was instructed to use patience during such operations. No further action is required.

If one goes to the above linkage he can easily find out way of controlling the mob by police. The Dr and his lawyer brother were trying only to show the paper belonging to their land and the police became arrogant and had beaten brutally along with abusive language.
India had also signed the united nation human rights charter. It indicates the facts that India has to adhere. India is a welfare state and it is the duty of State to protect the fundamental rights of every citizen and provide basic amenities to every citizen.

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